Poetry is what is lost/gained in translation (Robert Frost / Joesph Brodsky)

Poetry is what is lost in translation (Robert Frost)
Poetry is what is gained in translation (Joseph Brodsky)

Not exactly translation, what constitutes this blog is more of retelling of Tagore's songs in a different language.

Language is the filter through which we imbibe the world that we live in. And, like filters, all languages are slightly different and the expressions create a slightly different image as we retell our images. This is a humble, if not crazy, effort to rediscover the timeless songs that we have grown up with. Our humble 'Ode to Rabindranath Tagore'!!

October 12, 2010

How Melodiously Do You Sing (Tumi Kamon Kore Gaan Koro He Guni): তুমি কেমন করে গান কর হে গুণী

How melodiously do you sing, O talented one !!!
I listen in apt attention, in awe
The melodious glow spreads through the Universe
The melodious breeze floats through the sky
The force of melody breaks all the walls and it flows on,
My heart yearns to sing like you
But I cannot find my tune
I choke as I try to sing your words
and I weep in utter faliure,
How have you left me in this state ?
Everywhere, around me, you weave this web of melodies.

October 9, 2010

The Play For Today (Aaj Khela Bhangar Khela): আজ খেলা ভাঙার খেলা

Today's play is to break all plays, end this charade,
Come all.
Come to rupture the shackles of comforts and pleasures,
Break all.

Today let us end all our bonds
Drive all our dreams, and come,
spread your wings of thought.

The rainclouds have amassed over the high peaks
Unfurling their banner of a coming thunderstorm
Let's join in the dance of life and death,
Keep aside all your joys and sorrows, come all,
Today is the time to end this charade.

In My Imagination (Kothao Amar Hariye Jabar Nei Mana): কোথাও আমার হারিয়ে যাওয়ার নেই মানা মনে মনে

Nothing impedes my wanderlust,
I spread my wings to the chimes of my song,
in my imagination.

Beyond the wilderness of all fairy tales
Getting lost I reach a far away place,
where silence rules.

Amongst the "champa" flowers
in the
"parul" forests, the setting sun dozes off.
Clouds like flowers in the sky

Surfing on seven seas, floating to distant lands
I invade the locked doors of fairyland.
All in my imagination

You All Can Say Whatever You Want (Tomra Ja Bolo Tai Bolo): তোমরা যা বল তাই বল

You all can say
whatever you want,
it does not touch my mind.

My days pass by
without purpose or reason,
It does not touch my mind.

This crazy wind
sing songs unknown
embraces the blue sky.

This song pervades,
touches the realms
deep within my mind.

Whose nectar I seek?
In the buzz
of the humming bees?

The crazy wind
touches my mind
so does the buzzing bees.

Whose glance today
covers the sky,
it touches, catches my eye.

You all can gesture
whatever you want,
it does not touch my eye.

You all can say
whatever you want,
it does not touch my mind.

October 8, 2010

Dissolution (Megh bolechhe jaabo jaabo): মেঘ বলেছে যাব যাব

The cloud says 'I'll soon be gone...'

The night says 'My time is nigh!'

Ocean says "I end at the shores,

no matter how my waves are high."

Pathos says "I quietly remain and

and remind you of Him."

I hear my ego rediscover itself

bound to its own whim.

The world says "am ready with flowers

to greet and bedeck you"

The sky says "a thousand lamps

are lit for you."

Love says "I stay awake for you

through all the ages of time."

Death says "I guide the wind

on the sail of your life!"

Your Unsealed Gale (tomar khola haoa): তোমার খোলা হাওয়া

Eager for your gale to hit the sail
it matters not if it shreds the cloth
I am ready to sink, I am ready to drown
if 'tis your gale that brings the mast down.

The morn turned to noon, 'tis now evening
tied near the shore, don't keep me waiting
awake all night, for my sailor to arrive
in the shape of the storm and waves splashing high,
I am ready to sink, I am ready to drown
if 'tis your gale that brings the mast down.

I'll exult in the storm
laugh at his frown,
let the tempest untie me
I may sink, I may drown
but when the storm hits the sail
that is the moment I will be saved.